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please check and comment the screened post i have in this journal [20 Nov 2017|04:51am]
looking for ANYONE willing to play nils, any drag queen, billie joe, ivy levan, adam lambert or anyone against davey havok. i'm actually willing to pay someone if you can play someone for me (long-term of course)

[19 Nov 2017|08:40pm]


I really want to rejoin ij but don't know where to start. I'd like supernatural and if y'all have suggestions on what games need to be checked out, hmu.

[19 Nov 2017|11:37pm]


I have a psl I'd really like to fill. All of my lines involve unusual angst causing surrogacy in different settings. Gaslighting and brainwashing or body horror of various forms could be involved in some of the options, but it's a question of what both parties agree to. There's more in journal, but the line I really want to fill is below.

It would mesh up a number of fairy tale worlds and would involve a certain amount of world building between. Ideally, the two roles would be the descendant of the miller's daughter from Rumpelstiltskin and the Huntsman, from Snow White. Any others would be NPC if needed. This could alternately be changed into an adult Gretel from Hansel and Gretel, with minimal adjustment. I had brainstormed out the gist with someone when life required them to drop, but now I'm stuck with the character and nothing to do with her.

idea )

[19 Nov 2017|11:18pm]


supernatural lines for a lucifer's son? i'd be open to supernatural characters, or simply going au with an angels vs demons premise.

[19 Nov 2017|09:09pm]


Looking for some supernatural/mutant slash pals. Ideas I've been craving are in the journal and open to modification as needed. Also open to other ideas, too.

[20 Nov 2017|12:29am]
Inspired by Taylor Swift's Call It What You Want I'd love to explore the complicated relationship between famous person who's acquired a bit of a reputation, and her no-nonsense ordinary friend who might have an issue or two to make things interesting. This could go lots of ways and I'd love to brainstorm something character driven that we both love.

Hit me up I would play either and am looking to fill this line twice playing both the famous person and the regular Joe (no pun intended). No matter which role I play, I would love love a slow burn to savour the build up.

[19 Nov 2017|06:01pm]
Looking for a Pablo Schreiber PB to play out some of the more taboo kinks against one of my girls. A few different ideas in mind. Comment at the journal if interested.

[19 Nov 2017|05:48pm]


Hey there, and happy Sunday! Sorry in advance for the x-posting.

I threw up some fresh story ideas in the journal, still actively seeking some lines. My preference is for Original Character pairings with a heavy bend towards science-fiction, fantasy, and supernatural themes. Adding Urban or heavy influenced by musical themes, to them earns even bonus points. I'm not against pairing with fandoms however and crossovers are more than welcome. I'm open to suggestions too.

And if, in an ideal world, you'd want to mash up Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World, The Phantom of the Opera, with street magic, music history, conspiracy theories, and wizardry? Please report to the head of the line.

Hope it's been a great weekend.

[19 Nov 2017|04:48pm]
Got some plot ideas here. Journal name is relevant~

[19 Nov 2017|01:11pm]


something long term for davey havok, i prefer slash but anyone in his circle or that he knows would be great!

[19 Nov 2017|03:24pm]


Ben Affleck/Batman, Jason Momoa/Arthur Curry, Henry Cavil/Superman, Chris Hemsworth/Thor, or Benedict Cumberbatch/Dr. Strange for my guy to have his way with in several kinky ways?

[18 Nov 2017|11:09pm]


I'm looking for an active, fun, long term psl with either Marvel canon characters or an OC from the Marvel universe. I just miss writing this girl.

So, if you're interested in action, adventure and aliens.. Lets get something going?

[18 Nov 2017|07:39pm]
Since that line seems to have fallen through, I'd like to try again.

I'm looking for an Idris Elba for a supernatural slash line in a gpsl or alternatively, I would even be happy to pb him against another male character (preferably in their 30s).

[18 Nov 2017|12:57pm]


Could I please get a dark line against my Dylan? I don't mind older male celebs or people he's worked with in the past. Just something dark/active would be wonderful! This will also be cross posted.. sorry about that.

[18 Nov 2017|11:53am]


looking for a slash for Frank? I am open to who he is paired with but if anyone plays Gerard Way or Zacky Vengeance that would be awesome. I'm looking for a smutty line that also has plot/fluff as well.

New on Tessisamess! [17 Nov 2017|05:31pm]



Layout: Gridding

Gallery: Mist

Playlist: Fog

AKA I forgot to cross-post a few entries!

[17 Nov 2017|12:23am]


richard harmon for a psl? fandom or pb, they're both going to have dark and adult themes.

[16 Nov 2017|10:53pm]


Would anyone be interested in something slash where its on again off again. Two people that really shouldn't be together but they keep coming back. Its a toxic relationship and they just cant stay away from each other. Would love to have this be darker and involve drug abuse/addiction. I would love to pb Norman reedus against jdm for this.

[15 Nov 2017|09:30pm]


Is there any hope in finding a writing partner that would be interested in possible world building? I'm looking to write against another original character in a fantasy or time period setting (medieval or dark ages era preferable but not buckled down to) where we start from scratch.

Magic and supernatural are not necessary but I consider it a fun bonus.

[15 Nov 2017|10:57pm]


[info]cirquenocturne We're in need of more menfolk! Vampires, Fae, Shifters, Merfolk, Gifted Humans, the whole slew. I'd love an epic bromance for this moral slip'n'slide newly made monster.

[15 Nov 2017|10:50pm]
Looking for a PSL or two. Very basic launching points can be found in the journal.

[15 Nov 2017|06:37pm]



It’s 2014, and the brightest teen witches and wizards in America are gathered in the wilderness of northern Utah, where they spend their mornings learning magic and inventing new spells, and their afternoons mountain-climbing, kayaking and riding winged horses. After last June’s harrowing encounters with the powerful magical entities that guard these woods, most are hoping for a quiet year...

But MACUSA agents have set up camp nearby, claiming to only be here for the students’ safety, and the ghosts of children, once rarely glimpsed, keep popping up as the living go about their days. “Be careful,” one of them warns. “Be brave.”

Welcome to Gooseberry High, a slice-of-life American wizarding school game with atmospheric horror elements. Combining Hogwarts (houses, magic and Quidditch), high school drama (nerds, jocks, cheerleaders and choosing where you’ll sit in the cafeteria), camp (mosquitoes, roasting s’mores and the great outdoors), and the creepiness of being stuck in the middle of nowhere.



[15 Nov 2017|11:07am]


Anyone want to take on this new sub?

[15 Nov 2017|02:16am]


[info]antiquis a hunter for distraction and bad life choices!

[14 Nov 2017|10:46pm]


looking for richard harmon or bob morley against lindsey morgan. fandom or pb, doesn't matter to me. i got a few ideas.

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