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[20 Jul 2018|12:11am]


There are some open scenes in this journal. Just jump in on whichever one you want. Multiple tags to one scene are welcome.

[18 Jul 2018|08:25am]



What if your life were a story?

Everyone knows the story of Harry Potter. What few people realize is that the stories are true. Perhaps the author, a Muggleborn Witch, took some liberties. Perhaps certain characters in the stories are different than the witches and wizards who inspired them. But, the people, places and events of the magical world are real.

If your life is a story, are you obligated to live it as published? What if your love story was adored by fans around the world, but fell flat within your own heart? What if the hateful, cruel things you were known for saying only masked fear and pain in your own life?

Where does fiction end and reality begin for the characters in the famed Harry Potter books? Come, dive into a world where fiction and truth are woven together. Discover if what you believed to be true is reality or just another tale.

~~ LINKS ~~

Premise ** FAQs ** Canon Variances
Wanted Characters ** Holds/Available ** Application

[18 Jul 2018|12:21am]


Princess Melora Moretti-Griffith at [info]crowny is looking for:
♥ her eldest daughter, 20+. a rebellious mess.
♥ her twin brother, 50, to compete in everything with. He's the Vicscount of New York, she has New Jersey, let's see who wins.
♥ her husband for a marriage that's equal parts hatred and PR ops.

[17 Jul 2018|02:43pm]


I had a line like this before and kinda miss it. Life got batshit crazy so I've even just sort of missed rp all together.

My girl uses your guy as her number one drug hookup. She's pretty straight laced. You know, the perfect family, the perfect grades, etc. But really she's being abused at home and the drugs are the only thing keeping her parents mellow enough. Maybe your guy has his own shitty family and is using the drugs as a way to get money to get out. Who knows. It could be fun/awkward if he went to school with her. Or was one of her mom's college students/ TAs

One time she decides to use some sexual favors to make up for the fact she didn't have the money. It turns out to be mutually beneficial for both of them, since they fit together pretty well.

Eventually they become friends and more. Or at least as much more as they let themselves. He's curious why she isn't high all the time with the amount of stuff she bus from him, or maybe she finally breaks a little and decides to try to get high with results that prove its her first time or something. I don't know. I think she's probably addicted to some upper that helps her super focus in school and maintain the level of alletness she need for her life.

I'd like to see how their relationship develops. They obviously need each other's drugs/ money but maybe they need each other too.

To be warned I'm a bad liar, so therefore doesn't g a bad liar. So the truth that she doesn't do all the drugs won't take that long to come out lol. Sorry! But just a warning.v

[17 Jul 2018|12:34am]




You are one of the elite; privileged in blood or in gold, if not both. Here, in the lavish English countryside, life remains a gilded summer dream full of peaceful days and idle entertainments. But although the war may only be distant thunder on the horizon of this rural haven, it's impossible to completely lock out the coming storm. Every guest has something that is not quite so idyllic.

Idyllic is a Marauders Era premade group PSL, inspired by Giovanni Boccaccio's The Decameron. The game is set in 1979 during the First Wizarding War and focuses on a group of privileged Wizarding World elite who have retreated to the countryside to escape the brewing conflict.


[16 Jul 2018|09:38pm]
[info]provincetownma I'd like to work out a somewhat dramatic and emotionally charged line to take here. Two exes reunite several years after a breakup and realize against all odds that they've always been meant to be soulmates. May/december dynamics would be loved (I would prefer to play the younger one.) Daddy kink and kink friendly in general but exclusive (no cheating lines, please.)

[16 Jul 2018|06:25pm]
[info]crowny. The Griffith family has been ruling the North American Kingdom ever since the Civil War. Not all of their rulers have been popular - or even sane - but the kingdom is thriving all the same. King Fredrick is popular with the public and has a solid hand on the kingdom, but he still has his quirks: namely, his staunch refusal to name his heir before his death. A sealed will has been prepared, only to be unsealed after he has breathed his last breath, that names the new leader of the kingdom. It's said not even his Consort, Princess Corinne, knows who the heir is. Until he dies, his adult children will have to content themselves with other duties and PR campaigns...

[16 Jul 2018|04:43pm]


Longshot but games or lines for Witcher characters or pirates?

[16 Jul 2018|06:36pm]


Would anyone be interested in playing the male in a faux celeb line. I have a few ideas One set in rehab, another involving a headliner act against someone playing a tiny stage at the same festival.

[13 Jul 2018|11:42pm]


I'm looking for someone that would be interested in a line set in Ancient Egypt, based somewhat on the 'Tut' series Spike TV aired back in 2015. Specifically, I want to play King Tut (Avan Jogia) and I'm seeking his half-Sister and Wife, Ankhesenamun (Sibylla Deen). Not looking to glorify incest or play it as a kink, but to approach it in a tasteful manner. To anyone that hasn't seen the tv series, but would like to give playing Ankhe a shot, I'd be more than happy to provide you with links to the series so you can watch it. I can also provide a journal, already set up, for anyone that's seriously interested. :)

Please do not inquire if you plan on plotting with me and then vanishing. I want to ~actually~ write!

Now Open [13 Jul 2018|09:03pm]


[info]causatum is a new original character role play game, set in three locations on the West Coast of the US. Characters can be mutant or human, and are learning how to adjust to the new political climate of the mutant rights movement. But things are not exactly what they seem.

[13 Jul 2018|08:39am]
Dark het line for Batman, Robin, Red Hood, Nightwing or another hero of Gotham? I'm thinking 'taken by a bad girl' but I'm open to other sorts of lines including Ivy using a bit of pollen for some /adverse/ effects on our heroes.

[13 Jul 2018|12:08am]


NAVIGATE the meta game
There is a theory. A theory which states that all fiction has a basis in fact. That no idea is entirely original, but simply a divine glimpse into an alternate reality. A secret world, where legends live and breathe.

This theory is not just a simple idea, but fact. And only a small percentage of the human population will ever glimpse beyond the veil. The veil between our world as we know it, a façade that has been so carefully constructed to keep humans safe, and the true world. The Metahumans see the world as it truly is. And they are its guardians.

The Meta Game is an original superpower game, in which all characters have undergone an awakening, becoming metahuman. In this universe, there is a secret organization - referred to only has the Agency - that keeps tabs on all metahumans and preternatural activity. In this world, everything is true, and nothing is impossible.

Upon an individual's awakening, they are recruited into the Agency and offered a deal. Have your newfound powers and memory wiped, and safely return to your old life unchanged - or, embrace evolution and join the Agency. As a member of the Agency, your entire world opens up. The secrets of the world's legends are at your fingertips; an endless supply of knowledge for you to study to your heart's content. Money, more money than you have ever dreamed of. Luxury, travel, and of course, power. You are given a shortcut to devoting your life to whatever it is you've always dreamed of. But in exchange, you agree to become a guardian, and fight to protect the world from things the average human is incapable of facing.

When zombies rise in a Louisiana bog, it's you fighting on the frontlines. When aliens harass cattle in the English countryside, you're on clean-up duty. Some poor archaeologist has triggered the wrath of an Egyptian mummy's curse? It is your duty to send him back to the afterlife where he belongs. You will face creatures of every mythology, and stand triumphant. Thanks to you, the human world will never know how close they come to a new apocalypse each and every day.

It can be a thankless job, but hey. It's a living. And at least you don't pay taxes anymore.

[12 Jul 2018|06:12pm]



the bigger the crown, the heavier the burden

  • Crown Prince Perseus III & Prince Alistair Avery
  • Bellatrix & Rodolphus Lestrange
  • Malfoys, Burkes, Bulstrodes, Selwyns
  • Weasleys, Prewetts, Potters
  • The Killicks (owners of the Leaky)
  • Peter Pettigrew
  • military members
  • foreign courtiers
  • and more!

plot - rules - holds - cast - military - faq
reference - wanted - apply - dropbox

[11 Jul 2018|11:24pm]


lines for sansa or missandei?

[10 Jul 2018|02:43pm]



A Marauders Era premade group PSL, inspired by Giovanni Boccaccio's The Decameron.

[09 Jul 2018|07:36am]


Perched at the tip of Cape Cod — or at the end of the world, as locals like to say — Provincetown is a wonderful, quirky beach community favored by artists, LGBTQ people, families from the suburbs and oddballs on the run. Provincetown combines small-town charm with big-city spunk, and it’s nestled among miles of peaceful dunes and seashore.

We are a brand new GPSL set in Provincetown where like-minded people have come together. We would love to offer a friendly home to diverse characters from all walks of life. All we ask in return is for you to try and be active in the group. We are starting off small but hope to grow because we love interaction here and plots are aching to get off the ground!

We are now open, active with friendly members and looking for more writers to join us on this adventure!

Lines to Fill [08 Jul 2018|03:43pm]


I've got a few open lines in my journal I'd love to fill! Age gaps, supernatural, fluff -- something for everyone. Comments screened.

K-Drama Inspired Casual PSL [07 Jul 2018|06:53pm]


I'm newly returned from a long hiatus, so I'm still trying to get my bearings. What I'm looking for is a casual PSL that is very heavily based on K-Dramas. Both scenarios are hetero and I'd like to play the female lead. This has been cross posted.

I'd like to do a Noona/Dongsaeng relationship. With someone like Bobby from Ikon, Jackson from Got7, Kai from EXO, or someone similar (am open to suggestions). A reasonable age gap, no more than 10.

Or an arranged marriage line between two mega-corporations in Korea (or Korea-Japan or Korea-China, etc). The arrangement will save the parent's company/standing/political agenda/etc.

[07 Jul 2018|08:51pm]


Can I get an Artem for my Nicole? She misses her dancing partner and could use the company/distraction.

[07 Jul 2018|08:29pm]


After the line I've been working on seems to have died off, I'm looking for someone of male persuasion for this Max Riemelt faced security officer/former cop to take to an active PB community. His bio is here, if anyone is interested.
I'm not looking for a game to join. I'm looking for a line to join a game with.

[07 Jul 2018|07:04pm]


Looking for some other labrats for her to connect with at [info]decimated_mod. Would also love the boy mentioned in her profile. Also there are lots of other wanted lines. Small, post-apoc game with a gpsl feel seeking more writers.

[07 Jul 2018|03:56pm]
brainstorming a couple PSLs at this journal.

[07 Jul 2018|01:38pm]


I'm looking to fill some lines in my journal (especially the supernatural-themed lines) or plot out something unique! I'm a dedicated and loyal partner, and I love world-building. ♥ Comments are screened here and in my journal.

[07 Jul 2018|07:34am]


does any play more alternative guys anymore, slash? maybe someone clean cut for my guy here

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