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[15 Oct 2018|05:44am]


[info]ripleymod A female for a line with this futa witch healer?

[14 Oct 2018|11:21pm]


is ares wanted for anything? psl/gpsl/comm?

[15 Oct 2018|12:11pm]


As it is the season, am considering re-opening this femme/futa witch game. Possibly with some changes to the concept, but right now I'm just gauging if there is interest. Let me know here in the comments or in the dropbox on the comm if you might be interested.

[info]noladynamics [14 Oct 2018|01:59pm]


My kingdom for a line for this sweet, vegan baker Alpha. I have a couple of vague ideas. One is a female Omega for a-sort-of-arranged-but-works-out relationship (a Saoirse Ronan would be fantastic, but would also love an older female) who can help him grow his business. The other is an older Alpha male for a slightly controversial (for his family anyway) and maybe a hint of toxic, AlphaXAlpha relationship. Always open to discussion!

[14 Oct 2018|05:51am]


Looking for a line similar to The Walking Dead/Fear the Walking Dead. Het or femme. This chick has a truck and I'd love for her to find someone who can help keep her humanity intact.

X-posted [14 Oct 2018|12:37am]


Looking for a supernatural themed PSL.

details )

[12 Oct 2018|11:10pm]


[info]phantoms her newest progeny for a fun and detailed line, as well as more staff at the bar she co owns

[12 Oct 2018|09:51pm]


Someone to play Tom Hardy against my Charlotte Riley?

Chris Pratt to my Emilia Clarke or Jennifer Lawrence?

Chris Pine, Daniel Gillies, Garrett Hedlund, or Channing Tatum? Up for suggestions as well. Except for Obama; that will always be a NO WAY!

PB/Celeb/Aim/Thread/Long term/Short term, etc. I have no real specific ideas for storylines but anything historical, modern day newlyweds or newly couple, mafia related, arranged marriage, etc.

[12 Oct 2018|10:55pm]


I have an unconventional vampire line I want to fill. There would be surrogacy of unnatural means and body horror with potential for psychological manipulation and ideally some form of Stockholm Syndrome. Other similar themed lines are in my journal.

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[12 Oct 2018|08:56pm]


[info]blackdawn A human he owns, who he treats better than he treats any other human because they remind him of his son or daughter. His adoptive-sire who thinks that humans deserve better and who Bart currently has imprisoned somewhere. The young priest he turned back in the 1700's. Connections!

[12 Oct 2018|10:09am]


I would love some characters over at Duplicity for my Rogue. It is on Dreamwidth, so if you've never used DW and have any questions, I'm happy to help out however I can:D There's a good rundown of the premise and some more info on the game here, but for a quick rundown (taken from the page):

L.I.E.S., a program created a few decades ago to bring in new people, has been largely unsuccessful. The creator of the program was given the task of finding alternate humans that did not carry the deceit gene and bring them to Duplicity to make the city better. People keep arriving, but these alternate humans have yet to be found. Not to be discouraged, the creator put the program on auto-pilot and vanished, leaving the doors to reset every month and new arrivals to come in.

DUPLICITY is a panfandom sex game that centers around negative traits and the outcome of succumbing to darker urges. Bad behavior is encouraged; events will touch on horror, science fiction, exploration, game plot, and slice of life tossed in when needed.

Basically, characters are sorted to fill either dominant or submissive roles in public society. Rogue was sorted as a dominant, so I would love to find either a Pyro, Wolverine, or Fassbender!Magneto filling a submissive role (some finagling might need to occur to make that happen, but we can talk about that too). It's worth noting that these roles are only applicable to how people have to behave in public (your character's personality would and should stay the same), what goes on in private is a free-for-all and up for discussion, and I'd love to brainstorm on a specific dynamic.

Rogue's taken from right before DoFP started (I have her aged at about 26 -- her profile is here if you want to see what you're getting into:D), so she's in kind of a messed up place. I have ideas for how any of these dynamics could go that I'm happy to share and chat about.

Trying this again [12 Oct 2018|01:02am]


After seeing Venom, I would love to play against Eddie Brock ! As Michelle Williams or any other pretty lass! Comments are screened in the journal. And here.

Plus I think it would be hot to fuck him after he becomes Venom! Could be a one shot thing, one night stand, or many stands. Pure smut but also willing to play with some plot attached.

[11 Oct 2018|02:14pm]


Looking for someone who's up for playing Mad Sweeney in an AU, focusing more on the historical side (aka king/warrior! Sweeney). Plot details are up for discussion. A mix of smut/plot preferred. Very open on kinks. Leave a comment in the journal if interested.

[11 Oct 2018|12:41pm]


het line involving pregnancy kink, public sex, maybe light bdsm if you want? prefer to play the female.

ignore the journal. [11 Oct 2018|08:54am]


can i possibly get a male for a line at a community for a detailed ex line. he was her first real relationship and love but it was toxic, abusive (on both ends) and all around a wreck. he introduced her into bdsm, heavy on the s & m. would love to back date their relationship while playing what their dynamic is now. i have ideas on how it started and where they're at now. various kinks involved, few limits. i don't care about faces particularly, anyone 25+ will do. hit the screened post if you're interested and i'll give you a custom to discuss!

[11 Oct 2018|10:33pm]


Would anyone be interested in writing a childhood friends sort of line where the characters discover they are mages and grow into their power together, and later start a coven of like-minded mages, set in the modern world? I would rather build our own world rather than go the schools of magic route like DnD. I am looking for a male character to write opposite my male character. It can be slash or gen.

[11 Oct 2018|08:09am]


[info]innkeepers! Holds open on October 13th! Feel free to chat on our chatter post.

[11 Oct 2018|08:05am]


[info]innkeepers! Holds open on October 13th! Feel free to chat on our chatter post.

looking for the following people het/slash only please! [10 Oct 2018|06:09am]
cardi b, nicki m, kendall, kylie, kim, kourtney, khloe, g-eazy, taylor swift, selena gomez, gigi hadid, bella hadid, ashlee simpson, louis, liam, zayn, harry, jessica simpson, audrey kitching, dua lipa, miley cyrus, demi lovato, camila cabello, lucy hale, brendon uriem, nick jonas, shawn mendes, josh dun, busy phillipps, or paris hilton

[10 Oct 2018|07:58am]


[info]hellhoundsmc because shit just got real and his twin is dead. Papa T is headed back into town and it's time for a family reunion. Brent Smith and Corey Taylor as his older half brothers.

Requirements: must be able to deal with angst, family drama/complications, and all the damn fun and utter destruction.

[10 Oct 2018|05:25am]


A plague has wiped out nearly every man on earth. To survive, female scientists have begun experimenting with different drugs and species.

This requires willing female participants as well as genetically altered wolves, tigers, and gorillas.

I would play the genetically altered animal.

Layout: From Hell [10 Oct 2018|12:26am]



Layout + Guide + Info at my journal

[09 Oct 2018|10:39pm]
anyone up for a fallout based psl?

[09 Oct 2018|08:34pm]


Does anyone slash Jai Courtney and would be willing to work out a PB line to take somewhere?

[09 Oct 2018|04:36pm]


Looking for a few more writers to join us at [info]decimated_mod. We've got a few wanted lines. For her in particular, I'd like to see a few more of the lab rescues she came in with, or the rescuers.

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